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The Metamorphosis (Unabridged)


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Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis tells the story of Gregor, the only son of the Samsa family. One morning upon waking up, Gregor, a traveling salesman, discovers that his body has somehow transformed into an insect-like creature; but his mind is somehow still intact.

Although not surprised by the change, Gregor's family is disgusted, and his father ends up injuring Gregor while trying to keep him in his bedroom. Distressed by the disconnect with himself, his family, and his inability to support his family, Gregor becomes a depressed stupor under his couch where he decides to stop eating and believes that his family would be better off if he were not alive.

Gregor is not the only one who undergoes a change, as his sister transforms from young girl with no responsibilities to a mature woman who takes care of Gregor and begins to work and support the family in place of Gregor.

This story, written by Kafka, is a deep psychological exploration into human emotions.