Genres: History

World History: Ancient History, Asian History, United States History, European History, Russian History, Indian History, African History (Unabridged)


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Are you curious about how the world has evolved to where it is today?

Do you wish you made a better understanding of how all of the world is connected to each other?

The history of the world can fascinate even the least interested party. For thousands of years, every culture and civilization has looked to the past to learn from history. History can inspire, teach, and provide an explanation for how things and institutions have come to be. From young to old, world history can tell us where we have been, where we are now, and where we are heading.

In this book, the history of the world is brought to life. You will discover:
Fantastic achievements of the ancient civilizations of Rome and Egypt The great works of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance The history of Central Asia and what surprises they have for those who dare to explore! The birth of the United States of America and how it affected the entire world How the evolution of the USA paved the way for future nations and events that would shake the very foundations of peaceful international relations An exploration of World Wars I and II Australasian history, which sheds light, not just on the Land Down Under, but on the islands within the Pacific Ocean Aztecs and the Incas are only a part of the untold story of South America Lots more!
Learning about the history of the world gives us the ability to understand how and why our individual nations and cultures have been shaped and, ultimately, give us the ability to pave the way for the future.

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