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Treasure Hunting for Profit With and Without a Metal Detector


Product Summery

Treasure hunting is one of the few hobbies that can actually cost you nothing to take part but potentially bring you a fortune. Terry Herbert, the finder of the Staffordshire Saxon hoard received half of £3.28 million for basically a few hours enjoyable work with an old metal detector he bought for £2.50. But money is not the only reward; this fascinating pursuit breathes life into history and archaeology and offers healthy exercise to boot.
This manual describes in detail how and where in Britain you can profitably:
•Use a metal detector
•Beachcomb for lost valuables
•Find Gold, Minerals, Gemstones & Meteorites
•Search for Fossils
•Hunt for treasure in innumerable places
If you dream of finding buried treasure, improving your finds rate or exploring new avenues for fun and profit, this book is for you.
About the Author
David Villanueva has been profitably treasure hunting for over 40 years. While metal detecting is his first love he has also been involved in dump digging, gold panning and fossil hunting. He has found thousands of old and interesting collectibles and over a dozen treasure finds including caches of ancient tools and gold coins as well as gold and silver jewelry. David has written over fifteen books, and more than two dozen articles for British metal detecting magazines.