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Metal Detecting Site Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to All the Best Places to Make Great Finds


Product Summery

Over more than two thousand years, literally many millions of coins and metal artifacts have been lost, mislaid, or buried on land and in water. Armed with a metal detector you can find your share and armed with this book you can make your share much larger.
All places you might search are not equal and if you habitually search places where nothing much happened in the past, then your finds bag will contain nothing much. A good site for metal detecting is one that has seen use by at least a few people over a long period of time or has been used briefly by many. But there are other important factors such as the user being of a time and wealthy enough to have metal items to lose, as well as virtually unused places being littered with finds through waste disposal. Everywhere there have been areas of human activity and natural events significant enough to bury or sink metal artifacts and offer great potential rewards.
This is a book of leads to the type of site that will likely produce worthwhile results, together with resources for you to follow up to find such sites in your own area. You may have to carry out a little research but in many cases, it will require nothing more than looking at a map. Whatever places you choose to search you should endeavor to build a portfolio of different types of sites that will potentially allow you to metal detect throughout the year. And again, this book will lead you to those sites.
Buy today and start making more and better finds.