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Permission Impossible: Metal Detecting Search Permission Made Easy


Product Summery

The find of a lifetime starts with obtaining search permission or legally avoiding that obligation.

Where can you legally search without permission? How do you find the landowner to ask for search permission? How do you persuade the landowner to give their permission? These are the questions on the lips of many participants in the hobby, be they beginner or old hand.

In this groundbreaking best seller, expert metal detectorist, treasure hunter and internationally acclaimed author, David Villanueva, draws on his experience at successfully and painlessly gaining search permission on a wide range of sites both as an individual and club leader to reveal ALL in this fact-packed book.

Feedback from readers has been absolutely phenomenal. Reports come in almost daily of detectorists securing permission on not only their first site but also one with great potential for making exciting finds. And, in less than a fortnight, one determined reader gained permission to search ten square miles of land – can YOU beat that? Get your share now before all the land is gone!