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Profitable Detecting Sites: How to Make More High Quality Finds!


Product Summery

For over five decades, I've been immersed in the captivating world of treasure hunting, and I've always been driven by a single burning question: How can I unearth more treasures in less time? Not that I lack patience or fail to savor the thrill of the hunt itself; it's just that finding more, and doing so faster, undoubtedly paves the way to success. While I've absorbed the wisdom from countless books and magazines, where sage advice abounds—invest in the finest equipment, hone your skills, conduct thorough research—it often left me wondering: What, precisely, should one research?

Perhaps through a stroke of serendipity rather than calculated intent, I've stumbled upon several types of sites that consistently yield remarkable results. Within these pages, I unveil these treasure troves and share my insights with you.

For readers venturing beyond Europe, you may need to employ a touch of lateral thinking to discover analogous sites. Roman roads may not grace the American landscape, for instance—unless you happen to chance upon one and alter history's course! Nevertheless, ancient tracks and trails abound, promising their own rich rewards. I find particular fascination in Spanish mule trails, once traversed by heavily laden pack mules brimming with gold and silver. When a mule fell ill or met its fate, there existed no destination for its precious cargo but the earth beside the trail. Similarly, while the New World may not boast medieval manor houses, any expansive, aged property can suffice as a promising locale for your pursuits.

Having explored and researched the sites I discuss, and subsequently embarking on quests to uncover similar hidden treasures, my success rate in the realm of treasure hunting has soared. I've not only secured numerous annual trophies from metal detecting clubs for several years running but have nearly lost count of the treasure finds I've reported since the UK Treasure Act came into effect in 1997.

Within the pages of this manual, I generously share my wealth of experience in the art of site research. This is a pragmatic guide that unveils the most potent strategies to supercharge your treasure hunting endeavors. Implement these insights, and I assure you that the results will leave you astonished. So, fellow treasure seekers, it's time to embark on your quest, equipped with the keys to unlock hidden riches. Good Hunting!