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The Essential Guide to Old, Antique and Ancient Metal Spoons


Product Summery

This illustrated guide to spoons has been produced for finders, collectors, family historians and anyone interested in spoons from earliest times to the nineteenth century. The book is basically divided into three sections: the first covers the development of spoons, particularly silver, from earliest times; the second covers old base metal spoons and the third, some continental spoons, many of which have been found in Britain. Whatever old spoon you may come across or want information on, you should find it in this book.

The guide starts with a section entitled ‘The Development of the Spoon’, which traces the history of an item we all use on a daily basis, from ancient Egypt up to the Victorian period. Following on from this is the main section of the guide, which lists various types and varieties of spoons. Starting with cones and finials, we then move on to several different types of knops and ends. The illustrations, mostly reproduced from photographs but including some line drawings, are all clear enough to he used for identification purposes. A date range is provided and there is a good deal of information on makers’ marks found on spoons. At the end is a short section on Continental base metal spoons and rounding off the guide is a short bibliography.

“To have brought together so much information into this concise guide is no mean achievement and for managing to do this David Villanueva should be heartily congratulated. An even greater achievement is to have kept the retail price low. This guide represents absolutely remarkable value for money and is highly recommended.” Peter D. Spencer, The Searcher Magazine.

CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION, THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SPOON, OLD BASE METAL SPOONS: Cones, Finials, Acorn Knops, Horned Head Dress Knop, Diamond Point, Maidenhead Knop, Monks Head Knop, Sitting Lion Knop, Writhen Knops, Melon Or Lobed Knop, Hexagonal Or Six-Squared Knop, Apostle Knops, Horsehoof Knop, Stump End, Baluster Knops, Seal Tops, Strawbery Knop, Slipped In The Stalks, Puritan Spoons, Split Ends Or Pied De Biche, Shield End Or Wavy End Spoons, Rounded Ends, Fancy Knopped Spoons: Stag’s Head Knop, Cockerel Knop, Globe Knop, Flattened Cone Knop, Man’s Head Knop, Small Brass Spoons, Pastry Cutter Or Cook’s Spoon, SOME CONTINENTAL BASE METAL SPOONS, BIBLIOGRAPHY