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Practical Mysticism


Product Summery

In Practical Mysticism author Edward Lee answers typical questions that have been asked of correspondents, instructors, and official representatives of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, over his thirty years of employment at the organization’s headquarters in San Jose, California. Among the many pertinent subjects covered are reincarnation, karma, the role of freedom in our lives, how (and how not) to give advice to others, how to set a good example, how to solve the day-to-day problems we encounter in life, and how to improve our powers of concentration and visualization to bring about the kind of life we really desire.

This is the “how-to” guide for applying practical mystical principles to improve our lives. Practical Mysticism has universal appeal because, as the author points out, during his many years of answering correspondence about the Rosicrucian teachings, he came to realize that his answers and comments were relevant not only to student of mysticism, but to everyone seeking to better their lives.